5 SureFire Ways You Will Most Likely Attract More Clients To Your Flotation Tank Business
Written by Caleb Horban  on Sept. 17th 2019
In an age when mainstream medicine is sometimes failing due to its limitations (along with the side-effects), more people are looking towards alternative therapies. Medical practices such as homeopathy and the ancient Indian Ayurveda medical discipline are steadily gaining traction in West, that once celebrated mega-corporation manufactured drugs that also brought pitfalls of their own.

Tank relaxation therapy is one of those therapies that are now being tested in America and the success rate is not disappointing. As a result, a growing number of businesses offering floatation therapy are mushrooming across the nation. This means more competitors to contend with.

Thankfully, since the field is relatively new and just a notch above the nascent stage, you still have enough space to conquer and capture. So here are 5 top ways that can help you attract clients successfully once you have established your business.

1. Sell The Public It’s Health Benefits: Chronic ailments are the number one problem in America today. People are falling ill due to various lifestyle-related diseases, which also includes mental illnesses. On the other hand, it has been proven time and again that floatation relaxation therapy does work to alleviate many such disorders, with some of them including depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lyme disease. Now research is underway to see if the therapy can do something about cancer.

2. Tell Them How The Therapy Works: The mechanism/method of the therapy is quite easy. All the person has to do is to wear a swimmer's headcover, walk into the water-filled pod and lie down on the water. Then they will dim the lights and close the door of the soundproof room. The person floats on the water due to the high content of black Epsom salt in the water. Nearly 1000 pounds of salt is used to increase the buoyancy of the water. Once people are educated about this simple method, it will help them dispel any misunderstanding they might be having about the therapy.
3. Sell Them The Experience: Imagine just floating in water passively, not moving a muscle, while all your senses are at ease. No sound, no light, no-touch, not anything else. All they have to do is float with their entire weight being supported by the calm stagnant water. This is the true state of relaxation instead of sitting crossed legs and with your hands on your thighs. Try your best to sell them the idea of this experience and they will want to experiment with this.

4. Sell On Social Media: Spread the word as much as you can. Create pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, YouTube channel, etc with each platform offering a different type of content. Make an interesting series dedicated to a certain day which shares information about health disorders and customer experience. Together they will create enough noise on social media.

5. Sell Them The Success: People are naturally drawn towards services that have already won, or at least they project to have been. All of your advertisement space, including social media and outdoor banners should be crafted in such a way that they subliminally speak of your effectiveness and consequent success.

Nothing is easy or guaranteed but you can always move closer to sure-shot success by following these five road-tested ways to have a thriving floatation tank business. 

Caleb Horban

Caleb Horban helps float tank owners get 20-50 NEW customers per month.  He is an expert at helping float tank professions get clients using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

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