5 Ways How You Can Convince Your Potential Clients To Go For Floatatino Therapy
Written by Caleb Horban on Aug. 26th 2019
America is seeing a record number of people falling sick due to various reasons such as work-related stress, pollution, relationships, and growing consumerism. Now thus put this out on your official website in a very articulate and impressive manner. Let the folks know that you are here for their welfare, and as you are.

And this is where we begin with the 5 effective ways you can convince your potential clients how floatation therapy helps them maintain their health in various ways.

1. Increases Magnesium In The Body: Magnesium deficiency is a very problem in America. Two-thirds of Americans are deficient in magnesium which is causing health issues like fatigue, arthritis, headaches, which are just mere symptoms of the lack of magnesium in the body. These tubs make use of Epsom salt, a mineral-rich compound in magnesium. The water in the float tank contains Epsom salt and is hence very healthy. This is how you can convince the visitor to your website about some healthy properties of Epsom salt on the human body.

2. Meditating In Peace: Americans in urban centers are in search of tranquility. Sell them tranquility. And as true it is as it holds, floatation therapy sends you in a meditative state and makes you feel relaxed. This happens since your body is freely floating and hence there is no pressure on your body, especially the pull of gravity. On the other hand, there are no sensory distractions to disturb you.

3. Relieves You Of Stress: This includes both mental as well as physical stress. Floating freely in water, relieves your chronic pain, headache and migraine issues. It also makes you feel relaxed and removes all your stress and noise. This point will be of significant importance to put forward to your potential clients who are most likely going to be urban white-collared Americans. This point is going to be your first line of attack since having physical and mental/stress-related issue are shared by a great majority of Americans, therefore they are likely to respond affirmatively.

4. Detoxifies Your Body: The Epsom salt and the absolute zero stress property of the treatment helps in the detoxification of the body. Detoxification is a natural property of your body, however, the everyday pollution and chemicals in our food and drinkable water hinder this. The sulfate present in the Epsom salt increases the digestive enzymes in your pancreas, thus strengthening your digestive tract. Thus convincing this point to your clients won't be a challenge. Today more Americans are looking forward to getting detoxification therapies than ever before.

5. Improves Sleep Pattern: Due to late-night shifts and sleeping delays, many people have lost their natural sleeping pattern. Floatation therapy greatly helps cure this Most people are in the beta state when they are awake, and release theta waves when they are sleeping or in rest. This makes floatation therapy a quick way to reach the theta state and hence one hour of floating is equal to a complete sleep cycle. This point is more than enough to turn your potential customers into clients.

We hope these 5 points are more than enough to convince people and turn them from potential customers to dedicated customers. 

Caleb Horban

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